Hi everyone,

I`m Zoey: a 22 year old hot mess with a big attitude and a tangled past. I used to live in the moment, used to be carefree, but things eventually caught up with me and I had no choice but to slow down. I now live a quiet life, constantly looking over my shoulder and desperately trying to erase the past. I`m complicated. I`m black and white, trying hard to find some grey area. Happy or sad, smart or stupid, laughing or crying, etc. One or the other with no in between. I`m anything but boring, I live to keep things interesting. Or, I used to, at least. I don`t know who I am anymore. I don`t know which parts are from the old Zoey and which parts are from the new Zoey. I guess I`m trying to figure it all out and trying to forgive myself along the way.